Birthday Camping

Since my sister lives about 5 hours away from me I’m trying to make it a tradition to go visit her on her birthday every year. Last year for the big 3-0 her best friend and I drove up there and threw her a surprise party and this year she decided that she wanted to go camping. So camping we went! ;)

Camping is amazing… nothing to do, nothing to worry about, just enjoying nature and the people you’re with. We spent our days swimming in the lake and our nights by the camp-fire. Somehow, that was exhausting… so we also took naps.

On the eve of my sister’s birthday we stayed up ‘till midnight to sing her into her next year. While we were waiting for the magical hour we played around with my camera and the fire…

My sister in the middle and Jen and Des on either side making the “31”

Jen making a heart!

It was super duper fun and I can’t wait to see what we do to celebrate next year! (Definitely wouldn’t mind camping again!)